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MJ Freeway goes down, hurting WA cannabis businesses

Cannabis seed-to-sale track and trace software MJ Freeway, which hosts Leaf Data Systems, had sporadic outages starting on Wednesday and (hopefully) ending on Wednesday. This system failure had a detrimental effect on the state’s cannabis industry, who effectively had to cease all operations until developers restored the service.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales were likely lost as a result of the outages. Should Mj Freeway be held accountable for lost sales? It seems MJ Freeway would be actionable for the lost sales.At what point do retailers have grounds for a class action?


@Growernick another great question. My mind goes to options that might be available… is this more a case of keeping all your bud in one basket? - Why should anyone have more than one host…? (maybe it’s my paranoid upbringing). I also ALWAYS buy EVERY domain related to my TLD (top level domain) (.com, .net, .info etc) and redirect to a main page - the ancillary pages look the same and can be hosted somewhere else in an extreme emergency.

To this very DAY - if all the cars are parked on one side of the street and not the other - I still hesitate for a moment before I “do what everyone else is doing”. Finding a reliable host is no easy task - I’ve had many - but I’ve learned to “interview” a live person before leaping from one host to another.

I currently split 60 domains over 3 hosts - I can move quickly if some harsh crap goes down. Again “paranoia” is NOT a good thing - but nor is loosing thousands in revenue because somebody else F’d up.

My life revolves around NOT relying on any ONE company/service to provide all my needs. I’ve had 2nd jobs that I didn’t need and just banked the extra $$$ - (ready for the unexpected at anytime.)

Seriously - it’s kinda an F’d up way to live - but - I’m usually not unpleasantly surprised when “stuff” goes sideways.