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MMJ Bills filed in South Carolina


Time will tell if the conservative state will allow medical marijuana.

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Living in this state…i don’t think it happens this year, but I think it has a really good shot in 2018


I live in SC and do hope it comes through in the next few years…I would love to have one of the first licenses to grow. One thing to consider…cannabis is not really a liberal subject. I would not lump conservatives into not wanting it to be legal. Conservatives tend to believe in personal freedoms…as long as it doesn’t restrict someone elses freedom. That’s it. The south was very anti prohibition back in the day. We also had a large hemp industry. There is good history and foundation here to support the change.
If anyone is interested in working with me on a new medical grow when it does get through in SC, let me know. I have most bases covered, but experience is always welcome and would love to learn more about what you do.

Trump's position on marijuana still unclear

@Bogaat You’re right about that. I think it’s more that the evangelical community tied itself to the Republican Party, and that has kind of skewed the general thought process around cannabis.

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