Mmmm butter

@Ladithief well it doesn’t look exactly like it’s but it looks pretty good not all the way hard yet either
But thanks for the tips

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And I still have another qtr lb of under growth and bud trimmings il be doing tinctures next week I think

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What did you screen the weed out with… I use a magic butter machine or cheese cloth folded many times…

I used the bag that came w the machine

Fully hardend color changes a bit

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Looks tasty mate good job

And it’s do potent I had 1 pce of toast before bed and woke up so baked in the middle of the night I ate a hlf of family sized smart food at like 230 am haha alone in the dark

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fuck I get 90 cookies that fuck you up out of 1lb of butter and 1oz of my best bud… but I don’t use the MB2e for butter… i do for everything else… butter I like old school hands on stove top…did you use lecithin in it too…

Nope I didn’t

And I jus woke up from a coma leme tell u

…lol… I hate over doing it… I find one of my cookies takes me right to my line in the sand… I don’t like long days under a blanket hiding…lol…

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Yeah I def did it to my self I knew I had to go get shit and be gone all morning so figured why not haha

Iade fun fetti cookies last night for my son’s b day party Sunday for the adults of course can wait to try 1 out and see how dangerous they are hehe

nice… I am off for the next 9 days…I know psychedelics and tequila are in order for me…


Enjoy the trip.

I’m actually got some Envy’s I was Guna eat

I have just a little Blue Monsters left but that’s the light weight shit in the psychedelic world…need a 2.0 reboot as life has sucked recently and Psych’s are the best for that… maybe get my massive passion back for my garden…lol…

Well I’m Sorry to hear that @Ladithief these are not weak at all u only need like 1g to 1.2 and ur in for it been thinking of eating a lil bit on my son’s birthday Sunday kuz I’m having a big party for him

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… really not saying weak…just that Shrooms are the lower end to my choices… but I like every choice… and every choice of weed… some times it’s flavour and some times I want to be looking for milk in the medicine cabinet… this reboot needs to go beyond that one…lol…

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Well I use to eat eat doses miles from 150 to 250 and I use to eat alot like 10 to 15 hits of L at a time and I don’t do that any more I jus take a lil to set the mood I don’t do full resets any more jus a lil bit