Mold on plants

A friend of mine found black mold on and inside the nugs, he thinks it came from mildew mold. Does the mold spread after you cut them off and put in jar? Is there a way to fix the mold?


You may be referring to bud rot and yes is spreads. Usually to fix this I would cut off all of the infected/questionable areas and then you can give them a peroxide bath.

On the other hand, if it’s not much bud, just trash it and move on.


Bud rot is systemic and will be thru whole batch.i agree if it’s not much chuck it.

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Better to cut and chuck


Sounds like bud rot to me. Cut it out if possible. Assuming outdoor plants? Next time keep plants dusted with Seven Dust especially as they resin up with bud progression. Rinse plant at harvest and let dry. Keeps the buggers out of your buds.


A foliar spray with mycco will help inoculate plants from a variety of mold/mildew/bad guys. You can use a water soluble type or something like AN’s Piranha. A lot of various sprays available for purchase contain mycco, as well.