Mounting 12 inch to 16 inch oscillating wall fans

Just curious if anybody else had a similar design to the one I found on a old thread ,I’m Currently working on one myself for a 5x5 GGT prob gonna use plywood painted white and replace it every couple runs .
Also was looking at the gorilla grow tent accessories gear board but I don’t think it’s going to be sturdy enough to hold that heavy ass Hurricane Wall fan

Any ideas or recommendations would be dope


Also found these as well …

Just toss in two inline fans into the floor vent holes. One on each side. Then of course your exhaust vents up top. Set the exhaust fans on timers. And speed controllers on all. Once you get everything set properly. You should have a positive pressure system. One that exacs the whole tent every five minutes. U will have plenty of air flow.

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That’s sound Koo , right now it’s negative pressure with the carbon filter above my light both bottom flaps opens I have good clean air flow coming in and going out just want a bomb breeze blowing over my canopy and below the light …clip on fans don’t cut it for me

Wind plays an important role in plant growth and transpiration, but I think a lot of people are making their grows too windy.

Think of it like getting out of a pool on a windy day versus a still day. You’ll still dry off in the sun, but at a different rate. The more wind, the faster the leaves can “dry off” by transpiring. What that means is they move a lot more water through them on a windy day than a still one. If your nutrients are strong and the plants are transpiring hard it can lead to nute burn and having to flush. Seems unnatural, but running a weaker nutrient solution during fast growth can actually work better than a more concentrated one.

I guess my point is that you can grow great plants with a little or a lot of wind.

As far as mounting it, can you use one of the roof crossbars on the side? If the fan is mounted so it pulls against the bar it might make things feel more solid.


Lol @hashone I didn’t even see it was you. What up bro.
So the idea is air from the bottom of the tent being sucked up through the canopy. I’ve ran a few set ups like this.
I’ve always had a issue with how to effectively move air around a tent. I’ve tried litterly every possible way.
Hey you want those Cobb’s? Text me if you do.

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Yo yo what up mang … no dout I feel your set I would Still w want to figure out how to get a oscillating wall fan in the tent w/o making it look all Jankie n shit … got to have a pimp set up

I’m good on the cobbs right now , I’m already maxing out watts over here … two gavitas ant no joke not To mention A/c and D hue plus inline fans ,Gavita Controllers ,Co2 and random shit that’s mandatory .Trying to limit what I plug in the wall these days

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Hurricane wall fans are two heavy and the head of the fan still needs to turn back n Forth … I’ve seen kats hang them upside down but they will burn out in a month or two

Eliminate the carbon filter Inside and save space for the height I took a regular carbon filter x2 5 gallon buckets x1 6in duct collar some self taping screws and silicone and made a true end to end carbon filter that takes air out of the room and into my ac return with no smell obviously lol and am able to use the full head height of my room for lights and plants rather then lose the foot of height space cause of the filter look at he pics I can explain how to do it if anyone is interested ![20191017_111442|243x500]



I’ll take a pic of it in action when I get home but it works awesome I get the height in the room all the heat from the lights is sucked out so no heat and it goes back into my system for recycling eliminating the heat and humidity in the lung room and saves money cause im.not sucking the air outside
I also added a intake from my ac to the bottom so now in the summer I do not need a air conditioner or dehumidifier and in the winter it keeps it at 69 to 70 and it is in the 20s where I am at