Moving from the south

Nobody’s fault but your own . Looking for a FRIEND. I’m from the south and can’t talk with no one around here . Everyone knows better. I would love to move to Michigan. Anyone know of any rentals or places for sale that’s reasonable? I had a uncle lived in Detroit during the 70s and 80s until he passed away. I do have a few cousins still live in Michigan. Guess I go visit and maybe meet a few people. I have my tomatoes and cucumbers growing and soon as their done think I will take a road trip. Don’t expect anyone to trust anybody they don’t know just as I don’t. Good luck you all with any dreams you have and I’ll make mine happen on my own . Keep on keeping on.


Howdy @boo1965

Sounds like an interesting roadtrip. I sent a message to a mate I have in Michigin and seeing if he is interested. Unfortunately he is not on the forum, but maybe he will be. His name is Tony and he runs a seed breeding brand called Devils Lettuce and also a lighting business that has recently launched in South Africa, JAK Importers.


I’m getting ready to make a trip in the next couple weeks. What part of Michigan would you visit? Surely that’s a noninvasive question I can ask?


Hi @boo1965 ! Michigander here.
All depends on what your looking for. Suberb? Country? Lake life? It’s all here. From inexpensive homes to some of the most elaborate places I’ve seen.

Follow the basic laws of growing in Michigan and you have no worries.
I’m in the snag of the thumb on 20 acres.


I’m a country boy , now almost 60 buy young at heart! I’m a good carpenter also , over 40 years , started helping my dad build his house when I was 13. I also love to raise my garden, that’s my passion and what I really want to do.


Need any help? lol


Always can use a helping hand! Lol @boo1965



org/t/show-us-your-bud-pics/20191/5606?u=boo1965. Not got any buds yet but I’m only about a month since this was a bean.


We can do it in the south also

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