Mule Extracts is hiring a Delivery Driver in Estacada, OR ($30k-$40k/yr)

Hey everyone!

Mule Extracts is looking for a full-time Delivery Driver.

Pay range is $30,000 - $40,000 a year.

Must have OLCC Worker Permit.

More details and direct link to apply:

Awesome! I have friends who are looking for a new driver job, and they will definitely be knocking your door with a phone call and their CV. I really cannot understand companies that don’t offer an easy and accessible way to send the CV and information in order to get hired. Like I said many of my relatives and friends are drivers but we are all tired of calling or sending messages with no answers.I was fortunate enough to find a position with a company that used as they make the hiring process a piece of cake and the people that stand out are always getting hired for the best positions available.