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Which Tradeshows are MUST attend shows that you and your team never miss?

  • The Cannabis Cup

  • Stepping High Festival

  • California Cannabis Business Expo

  • Cannabis at Work

  • Hemp Fest Canada

  • Spannabis

  • Canna-Tech

  • Cannabis Cultivation Conference

  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

  • Heart of Nature Festival

  • Canna Grow Expo

  • NoCo Hemp Expo

  • Ann Harbor Hash Bash

  • Personalized Cannabinoid Medicine Conference

  • Cannabis & Hemp Expo

  • International Cannabis Business Conference

  • Boise Hemp Fest

  • CannaCon

  • Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo

  • World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

  • O’Cannabiz

  • National Cannabis Festival

  • New England Cannabis Convention

  • Nimbin Mardi Grass

  • Marijuana Business Conference & Expo

  • Cannabis Liberation Day

  • Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

  • Seattle Hempfest

  • Great Midwest Harvest Festival

  • Cannabis Science Conference

  • New West Summit

  • Native American Cannabis Conference

  • The Emerald Cup

  • Canadian Cannabis Summit

  • Lift & Co Cannabis Conf & Expo

  • Indo Expo


This is a great list…do you actually have a PDF of this…something with the event’s websites? I would like to give this list to my team to see if there are events that we are missing. We are at events all the time and there are just so many…and so many bad ones…that we now only focus on the heavy hitters like MJBizCon, CannaCon, CWCBE, etc.

Also, it also really depends where you are in the industry…investor, networking, cultivation, dispensary, compliance, legal, etc. That will really help you eliminate events that might not have any real ROI value.


@RayWearCC It was underwhelming but they added a second hemp session this year so we are hoping to see a difference in the outcome this year. If not, we may not go back next year :confused:



We have went to the ARK-LA-TEX Cannabis Business Expo this year and MJBIZCON NEXT in New Orleans the past two years.


@thegirlwhogrows, well then I hope you have an awesome time out there and it is better this year for sure.


What were your thoughts about NEXT? I was there last year and really found it underwhelming. Maybe I am just spoiled in Vegas, but wasn’t blown away.


For sure on this one.

I really love the annual Emerald Conference and CannMed, personally and professionally. These tend to be highly technical conferences loaded with industry-specific information. We always look forward to meeting our community members at every event we attend.

CWCBExpo is going to be especially exciting this year too…stay tuned for more :wink:


Thanks! Fingers crossed its better! I do love MjBizCon LV tho, I haven’t been anywhere that tops that convention!


The best IMO in terms of delivering valuable content and attracting the leaders in the industry are CannMed, ICRS, Emerald Conference, and Cannabis Science Conference.

Full disclosure, I work for CannMed, but I whole-heartedly believe it to be the best.

So many other conferences prioritize the exhibit hall and the talks end up being an afterthought. As a result, those talks are poorly attended and often just product pitches from sponsors who bought a speaking slot. The real scientists, the real innovators, the real leaders in the industry come to CannMed because they only accept speakers who have new scientifically-validated information to share. They don’t allow people to sell from the podium. There’s real value in that.

I spoke with more than one attendee to the Emerald Conference who lamented the fact that there are so few REAL SCIENCE conferences out there (Emerald is one of the good ones BTW). The real science conferences attract the real leaders in the industry, and those are the people attendees want to connect with.

The new CannMed website is launching soon with early bird pricing. I’ll be sure to announce when it’s up!


Never been to one dont plan on ever going to one, I really dislike the whole process, especially judging. rather judges. whole thing seems a bit pretentious. I dont need others to tell me whats what in this industry. to each thier own i suppose.

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I haven’t been invited to speak at any of these events, so how can they possibly be scientific? HAHAHAHA

But seriously, shoot me your information, would like to learn about future CannMed events.
Dan Jordan
[email protected]


I can agree to each his own. For us, we liken it like any other industry. We’re only interested in innovative ideas, investing in better equipment and growing a better product. By no means are we looking for direction on what to do or why.

Sure - it’s nice to be recognized among your peers - but, judges have opinions - but we rely more on cultivating a better product and educating our audience - the rest is just filler.

We try not to get inside our own head too much. We have an awesome product - but we also have serious competition - which we don’t worry about too much - they tend to chase us and not the other way around.


Being a Vendor , Sparetime Supply puts on a great EXPO August 9-10 Willits CA.
SaferGro had a very worthwhile and successful experience there last year


SaferGro is new to this CannaGrow EXPO on AUG 17 and 18 in Palm Springs CA.
Any one going to this EXPO ?
@GrowOpEmployees @growopowners @mastergrowers @CAgrowopowners


I look forward to CannMed 2019. Full disclosure: I am a fan of Medicinal Genomics and I think they are helping lead the way in cannabis research and genetic sequencing…and so much more! That being said, CannMed has offered an exclusive discount to GN members.

Are you interested in attending or exhibiting, do you want to save some serious $$$? Send me a DM and I’ll hook you up you with the secret link :shushing_face:


Want to attend. How much are tix and I am gonna need tWo. Bringing the wife along.


@sirjibs69 Here is a discount for you when making your purchase.
Custom Discount Code : SAFERGRO

This code, SAFERGRO , will give you $20-off Your CannaGrow Expo ticket. It can be used when registering online at

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