My 3rd God Bud is tacoing

Ok so after getting rid of the 2 males my 3rd god bud plant is tacoing?? It is in sohum soil and just use h2o and frog shit… any ideas?

Thank you all

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See the two big fan leaves and one on the bottom…

It could only be caused by a handful of issues. 1. Heat, light, humidity.
2. PH
3. Root bound or other root problems.
4. PPMs

Ok thank you. I just transplanted them 2 weeks ago. But will check the other factors you listed.

What up k. What all is growing in this tent?

Post the temp/rh.
How low is the light?

Is this a seed or clone?

Hello @Slym3r I planted 3 seeds they were/are in 2nd week of flower it gets some light from my old viparspectra par450 and I have full spectrum viparspectra on a light mover it is about 24 inches from vs450 and sits at edge of light mover path Temps run 74 to 81 and rh is 55 to 65%. I have an oscillating fan so air is intermittent i am using a grobucket with sohum soil i transplanted it like 3 weeks ago soil is fresh. I was running a test grow bucket vs bag I planted 3 god bud 2 in gro buckets 1 in bag 2 turned male and got axed no bad symptoms in the boys before I killed them. Then this am I noticed the tacoing on my 3rd and last of this strain. Ok I think I got it all if not let me know. Thanks for any help oh I read to check for yellow highlights as the start of mag def. Will do that in morning when they wake

…lol… that’s almost every aspect of growing not just a hand full…lol…


Thats not the start. It takes a while to show the def. You can always do cal mag if your waters not containing it. I use cal mag everytime. Never any issue.

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Right but I did leave out things it couldn’t be. I’m pretty sure it’s not pest related or nute lockout. You are right though, it is always one of those isn’t it? lol

Nute lock out falls in line with Ph…lol…and correct, pests won’t taco your plant…lol…why I always say… master one thing at a time… that way you know what the issue should be and not chase 100 different things… growing is simple… mastering it is like chess…


@Ladithief and I do love chess. The tacoing is gone the leves all opened. So… I didn’t change anything. I hope she stays that way. Thank you all!!!


That’s great to hear k just keep an eye on it