My baby gets burn ;(

I’m an amateur grower and this is my first time growing cannabis. I have done a primary researchs on how to take care of them and been following exactly as instruction but I don’t know if this is a serious problem that needs attention or it just a normal things thats usually happened sometimes.

This baby is 40 days old Fruity Pebbles strains in vegetative stage feed under pH control (6.5 up to 6.8) with 1 ml of b-1 acid, 1 ml of seaweed, 1.5 ml of molasses / 1.5 liter water and fews pinches of mycorrhiza over the soil, peat as medium, indoor grow with love and cares. If you guys know whats going on with this baby or experienced before pls nicely let me know how you can escape it. Thankk you so much!!


The new growth looks good. I wouldn’t worry about it. If the tips start getting burnt then cut back on nutrients.

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What’s your watering/feeding schedule?
Do you use only peat ?

Yeah that thing isnt happy at all. You should be useing the molasses once a weekonly to feed the mycos. Too much and That stuff can gunk up the rootzone. Also if your using cfl drop that thing about 8 to 10 inches from the top. If it starts to kinda burn just put a small fan up blowing over the lights. What kind of soil is thar in, your plant looks hungry?

Transplant that to better soil. Give it more light. Go easy on the food. This plant should be considerably bigger.
TBH start fresh.


I would try a mild foliar feeding. If it perks up in 7 to 10 days, then a good draining soil like roots organic along with breathable bags for soil container with proper feeding would have that main stalk big along with a monster root ball. If that’s a feminized seedling then repot it. It does look hungry and missing something something. Light, air and regular feeding.

What is your pH at