My Evaluation of GreenBroz Dry Trimmer

We just had a demo of 420 dry trimmer. I prepared a report for my team, and then I thought I should share it with everyne. First of all, Thank you @GreenBroz . We really enjoyed the process, The rep did a great job in representing the machine and was very helpful, passionate and professional. @Growernick
GreenBroz Demo-Oct 18

Instrument: 215 dry Trimmer

  • Made of food-grade HDPE & stainless steel (easily cleanable)
  • The one we had for the demo had a loading capacity of 2-4 lbs an hour (4 batches of 0.25 pounds to 1 lb can be trimmed every 15 minutes). Price: 5200 USD.
  • The larger size can process 8-12 lbs an hour: Price: 9800 USD

Strain Tried for the demo: Strawberry Cough



  • No loud noises, very quiet
  • Very easily cleanable compared to Centurion
  • No vacuum, no plumbing required
  • Very gentle trimming concept
  • No significant maintenance is needed for routine use rather than only sanitation with isopropyl alcohol.
  • It produces a high-quality side product (shake)
  • One person can easily run couple of them in tandem and increase the capacity.
  • It was a very gentle trimming technique (described as connoisseur trimmer by the rep). Speed was compromised to obtain the hand-trimming quality
  • With the flower sized we tried, after 15 minutes of machine trimming, it needs a significant touch-up. Almost 50 % was trimmed.
  • Like any trimmers, sorting of the buds and homogenizing the load will increase the efficiency and minimize the afterwards touch up.


I believe a large size (8-12 lbs an hour) is a good option for trimming the premium grade customer facing dried flower:

  • Its features and cleaning requirements are more compatible with GMP requirements.
  • It provides hand-trimming quality and trichomes mainly remained intact.
  • I believe sorting the flowers by size could increase the efficiency of the trimmer and reduce the subsequent manual trimming.
  • Last but not least, like any other device, it needs practice to learn the tricks and details and make the best use.

Is it a fast trimming solution:

No, it is not. One should consider another trimmer for when quality must be compromised for speed.

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Before Trimming

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After trimming

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After trimming (completely trimmed versus the ones that needs touch-up
Trichomes of the machine trimmed under the microscope.

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Side product (Shake)


This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing @fdousty!


Love this review! Thanks for spending the time to write it out @fdousty! We love that the adjustable speed setting allows for the trimming of more delicate strains. Also, it’s really the only trimmer on the market that lets you keep an eye on your flower the entire time it’s in the trim chamber, so you can take your flower out once you’ve reached your desired trim. We find that some people trim 100% in the machine, while others trim 60-90% and then finish by hand to get that hand-trimmed touch on it. It’s a level of ‘customizable automation’ that we think gives cultivators a ton of control and versatility in their process. Thanks for letting us demo for you!