My girls back!

I was able to get my plant back after things simmered down. Shes been home for about a week and a half. Unfortunately I think she got over watered. Tried to dry her out and she never pulled through. She had itty bitty tiny teeny weeny buds on her. Even tho she was mostly leaf I can say not bad for a first grow. She has a kick to her. Cant wait to try again but with proper conditions and a tent.


The tent will help a lot. Good job getting some flowers! I overwatered from the beginning as well and am having similar problems. My plant just isn’t bouncing back as well as I thought she would. Oh well, she’s an autoflower so not much I can do except try to keep her healthy as I can and maybe I’ll get a couple buds from her. :relaxed: Good luck on your next grow!

When my homie brought her back to me, she looked kinda sad. So I watered her. And she got worse. I asked my friend when he watered her last and he said he was watering her everyday. I was watering her every 2 days. When I finally decided to uproot her, the bottom 6" of the bucket she was in was underwater. My drain holes didn’t work very well. Lesson learned.

Did u get a deccent harvest?

Everyday is a LOT. :grimacing: I water mine every 3-4 days. I’m still growing her! She’s just beginning to flower I think, not sure. She is displaying some nutrient deficencies but Idk if that’s from the Miracle grow soil or from my initial overwatering or just general nutrient deficiency’s. It’s a lot to keep up with :weary:. Lolz. Here she is today!

Well that’s pretty awesome sway can’t wait to see your new grow


It’s a decent distance in the future but im dead set on doing it and very determined.


I saw pistols. Lol. Urs is trying to bud. I think its phosphorus the flowering stage needs.


It’s about time. It’s been about 5 weeks and she’s supposedly an autoflower.

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