My journey around the internetworld because my plants keep dying from new yellow growth

Hey guys,

So first of all, my equipment and what I’ve tried so far:

  • MarsHydro FC3000 @ 150PPFD, 300PPFD, 500PPFD, all tried
  • 100x100x180 noname growtent
  • Marshydro Exhaust 6 inch
  • Oscillating fan 8", static fan 4"
  • Passive intake
  • Solo cups, 2gal, 4gal, 5gal, nursery pots, all tried
  • Temps usually between 24-28°C, humidity tried everything between 30-75%
  • 18/6, 20/4, 24/0 cycle, tried everything
  • Biobizz Light Mix / All Mix, both tried. Also Plagron Pro Mix (inert peat) with perlite
  • Biobizz nutrient line
  • Different breeders, upper class to white label, different sources, everything tried
  • Tapwater, 7.9PH, EC 0.3, after letting the water sit for 24 hours, I reach around 8.4PH.

I’ve been around the block now a few times. Every forum, community, discord, I went through all of it. I am still haunted by the same problem, for over 1 year now. My seedlings start dying between day 10 and 20. I am currently in my newest attempt, and the symptoms started at day 5-6 with the leaves slowly creating yellow veins around the edges, and later on the newest sidebranches growing out with bright yellow veins.

I am haunted by yellow new growth and severely stunted general growth after day ~10. My plants grow wonderfully and extremely quick from day 1 to 10 most of the time. Rich greens, insanely quick growth. Be it in solo cups or 2-5 gallon pots (Autoflowers). But suddenly, the leaves start looking pale, they lose some color here and there. They seem “blotchy”, as if the middle main vein of each leaf keeps a really dark green, while the outer leaf material turns a brighter green, with yellow veins appearing here and there, just slightly.

A few days later, usually the side branches come out (Around day 8-10). These first tiny knobs should be a lighter green, but for me, they’re a lighter greenish yellow already. As soon as they come out, they will show up with bright yellow veins everywhere, and seem lifeless, small, as if something is severely effed up. My plants will then try their best for another 10 days, until growth completely comes to a stop. Everything is yellow, all the veins are bright yellow, leaf material here and there is bright yellow, absolutely no chlorophyll being produced. Afterwards the leaves just start dying off, and that’s it.

I’ve had this problem for 1+ year now. I started with the basics. Tapwater, Biobizz Light Mix, and a stable environment. This is how my plants turned out:

I just thought I effed up something else, so I started to learn more about watering schedules, how to water correctly, this and that. I tried the basics for 3 more months, with around 15 dead plants or so in the end.

This is where I started using Biobizz PH down, to reach 6.3PH, as recommended by Biobizz, with no success. Plants still kept dying from this symptom. I then switched to Canna Coco in one attempt, and had the same god damn symptom appear. Afterwards, inert peat moss with Advanced nutrients. Again, same thing happened.

Later on, I gave up, and went back to the basics. Just Biobizz Light Mix, then in one attempt Biobizz All Mix. Sometimes I started feeding early, sometimes I started feeding later on, sometimes I didn’t feed nutrients at all. I let the plants dry out in one attempt, in another I added too much water. I went through EVERYTHING, trust me.

I even tried one attempt with 5.8PH water, fixed with GHE PH Down, a chemical PH down, because I felt like my PH might be rising too severely over the course of a few hours, and this was the only “stable” option I still had. It also didn’t work. I also tried using dolomite lime in another attempt to see if this might be of any help, but… same problem.

I am followed by the exact same symptom over and over again, in each and every grow. Yellow new growth. Every time. Here are a few example images:

Here is one example of my current grow, a few days ago where I noticed that something was off again:

This is how the first signs appear. The plant looks healthy in general, but something just seems… off. As if it’s losing color, as if something is just really funky. And sooner or later, all the new growth will shoot out bright yellow.

I am absolutely hopeless, clueless, and nobody was able to help me yet. I had one successful plant without any problems, and til this day I don’t know how I did that, as it was just biobizz light mix too.

As a little addition, here is my chemical water analysis too (Personal, paid for):

Feel free to ask any questions. I am just on the hunt for someone who had this EXACT problem, and finally fixed it. I literally tried everything, I went from basics to being a helicopter parent, back to the basics, as minimalistic as possible, and I always end up with this. Photos, Autos, any pot size, it always comes back and haunts me. I never had a cal deficiency, N deficiency, none of that. It is only this ONE problem that severely stunts, and later on kills my plants.


Ok thats alotta reading lol. Without reading it all have u tried a new nutrient line and have same results may possibly be the nutrients a bad batch or it went bad. Idk for sure. Thats a weird thing to happen to every plant no matter the genetics i run gh nutes ir jacks 321 and never experienced ir seen this so far. Intresting to know the cause.


I tried Canna Coco (In Canna Coco Pro Plus), Advanced Nutrients (In Plagron Pro Mix, inert peat moss + perlite), and Biobizz nutrients in Biobizz Light Mix and All Mix.

Yeah it’s a lot to read, but I tried including most of the details