My mom’s Mantis Buffered Nutrients, popcorn buds. 6 weeks

I just have to show off the popcorn buds you get with Mantis Buffered Nutrients, although I’ve trimmed her plants for light penetration and just being like mom over reaching and picking leaves strategically, too strategically.
But popcorn buds looking this frosty :snowman_with_snow: man this is buds under the sugar bowl. Pink Kush and Medical Blueberry Kush.
My mom doesn’t eat or smoke cannabis, never smoked, never drank, but loves all the plants(s)all people and the culture.
Happy New Year from BigSali and his mom.


Candy Coated with Diabetic Sugar!

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yo BIG SALI those are some very frosty pics best to U and ur mom and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!