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My Outdoor with Autos (seeking advice and guidance occasionally)

1st time grower (outdoors), 3rd season growing with autos.
This is 5 weeks since germination.
Does everything look alright?


Welcome to GN!

To me, they look great!
Growing outside, your plants can get enormous! You will have to train them a lot so they don’t compete for the same space. And make sure you have plenty of stakes ready to help your ladies support the weight of the buds you’ll get :nerd_face:

What’s the strain? Autos or photos?


@bdeanindy. As @kapouic said. Looks like happy healthy plants. And they really will get quite large /tall so if privacy is a concern then training to keep below the top of the fence might be in order.
Welcome to GN. :+1::v:


@bdeanindy ,lovely garden you have growing there. Nothing wrong at all, although they might get big very quickly and overgrow that space. Welcome to GN and ask any questions you may have.


Durban Poison in back
Pineapple Express up front


Updated growth.


So I’ve decided to test the results of two HST techniques: FMing and Topping.

I have 4 plants of each type: Pineapple Express and Durban Poison. 2 of each type, I’m Beatlesing, 1 of each type FMing, and 1 of each type topping.

The topped plants have taken off almost immediately and are doing well.

The FM’d plants are showing the 4 new nodes, but are slow moving now (which is fine).

All my plants are in veg stage and are getting super thick and dense (sans 1 that I had to prune bottom branches because the bugs were devouring it). I have some concerns and questions, am hoping for some sound advice…

I have tons of lady bugs and praying mantis in the garden, but I still see pest damage on leaves (not a lot, but enough to make me ask for some guidance). Is neem the right thing to use? I already have basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and parsley planted in the same outdoor bed. I just want to do everything I can to prevent spider mites or bud worms.

Also, I see little white dots scattered here and there on the leaves. Is that normal for outdoor grows? The dots aren’t moving and I don’t see any critters or aphids on it under the leaves. So I don’t know what’s causing the dots (not dense, just 3-10 scattered about on various leaves).

Last concern, with the plants getting so dense, should I be pruning (fan leaves or otherwise)? The plants look amazingly healthy overall (best I’ve ever had and this is my 3rd grow)…so I don’t know if I am being overbearing or just foolish.

Any advice or guidance is appreciated!

Here’s latest pics…


Ugh! Huge freak wind storm damn near uprooted my plants, 30-40mph winds constantly switching directions. Ran out and got tomatoe cages for support (since all the gardening steel/bamboo stakes were gone or out of stock).

Lost several large branches, plants seemed to be doing well, but now I am seeing crispy brown edges on my plant’s leaves. Anyone have advice? Is this nutrient deficiency? Sun has been hot 90+ degrees 3-4 days after the wind storm…is it too much heat? I’ve been watering daily in the evening when over 85 F, and every 3days under normal conditions. I’ve never added any nutrients. All helpful advice is most welcomed. ;D


I would check with these guys : @deusoboy420, @oldguy and @piper . I know they do autos… :nerd_face:


I would think that the dry edges are from wind burn and rubbing together.
They would have been thrashing around pretty good in that strong of a wind.
And then the higher heat wouldn’t have helped any either.
Try watering in the morning instead of at night too.
They pull most of their nutes from the soil when they’re awake.
Might also be time for a feed too.


Everything i would have suggested @oldguy already beat me to haha