My pla tos drooping

My plant stems are bending from weight I 1think. Is this norma

l or is there some thing I can do. Thanks in advanced!


Sorry I never have stalks that thin… did you hit them with a fan to help strengthen them… and Silica and calcium are your best friends for good stalks…


Your light is making them stretchy as fuck… no offense just the way I talk… You could try to tie them up but more light :100:

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@tammydc look into the GN online courses :+1:

Valid points @scotty17… I am outdoor as you know more than indoor so I use the AGI-SIL and crustacean meal and large volumes of air movement…to fix it as I can’t lower the sun…lol…


@Ladithief I’m learning that real quick thank God I have light till 8pm… I move my little seedlings around as needed to get that last dying sunlight lol… They are reaching a bit I can tell but 4 months or so to go

@Ladithief see that last little bit I get on my patio :rofl:

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This will be 3" wide minimum but October…My Mk3 Black Diesel… I have always been known for my stalks…


I love the last little bits… plants love it …lol…

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Crazy full moon tonight here

I have a smal vornado fan sittin under the plant pointing staight up. I move the fan around once a day. In the beginning I had her in my window. Not much light so she was stretching. I think I got her under lights and on nutrion too late.

I had started with a 250 light and just recently went to 600. Also I had her in a window to start and she was stretching. Like I said earlier I think I put in lights and started nutrition to late.

take a pic of your light I’m curious @tammydc Have you ever thought about a grow tent?.. It doesn’t cost much to setup a 2-4 plant tent like mine or 1 massive plant if that’s what you want to do won’t set you back but 2-400$ depending on quality of equipment

I have black trash bags over the only window in the room. It works great for dark hours

Its a spare room we use mainly for storage.

Try lowering that light a bit I think it might help… Definitely look into a tent @tammydc they are amazing for indoor growing like that

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Thanks Scotty. I appreciate your advice.

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Look into some stakes to prop up your plants for now @tammydc. You can find them at any garden store or a Walmart. I agree, drop that light down a little and add some silica to your next plants.

Where can I get Silica?

I run all Advanced Nutrients and their silica product is Rhino Skin. But their’s lots of different brands out there that you can use.

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