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My plants went back into vegetation. Aka reveg

So I had moved my pants outdoors and in the woods hidden away, after about 2 weeks of being outdoors and under a forest canopy, they started to flower, and where I am the daylight hours are at a peak and are still climbing for another month from the day they started to flower, Im sure the canopy from the forest cause them to receive less sunlight and caused flower. The canopy is thick so I cut down a couple trees to open up the canopy just a little, and I think I did too much along with the sunlight hours growing it caused them to go back into vegetative state… idk what to do at this point as in what to feed them to get them back on track, or if I should try to get them back into flower or try to keep them in veg till the right time a month from now when the daylight actually decreases, if I should cut down more trees to give them more sunlight, I just need help. They most defiantly went into reveg, any advice on what I should do? Should I open up the canopy and give them more light? Or try to send them back into flower now? Please help…

You will not get them back on track… what state are you in…I am in souther Ontario, Canada… mine will not flower until start of August unless an Auto… so honestly back to veg nutes and when you know for sure they are budding again… start your bloom nutes…That’s the short version…Light dep with a green house or putting something over them to totally block out the light for a 12/12 cycle is the only other way…

north east part of United States but close to Illinois so the outdoor light decrease will not make them flower if they have already went back to vegetative state ? I think they have went back into veg, I’m not 100% sure. Take a look ima send pictures


Is this reveg? It really seems like it too me but this is my first time growing and I know that they are not suppose to flower Intell the late July August when days decrease, and these Started to flower on June 3rd. It had to be the canopy from forest .

Well if you gave them more light then they will reveg for the next 30 days…

I guess you have little choice but to let them “re-veg”…putting an automatic 12/12 light dep cover is doubtful…but honestly my advice is to lower your expectations a lot at this point.

I’ve grown indoors in Michigan for about 10 years, every single fall we chuckle as the Michigan Outdoor comes in and depresses demand. The “best” outdoor growers can do “OK” at this latitude but even most “good” growers are consistently disappointed with the quality of outdoor flower. It’s typically light and airy and low potency.

IMHO The light intensity and Great Lakes cloudiness makes outdoor a B or C grade at best and it reflected in midwest outdoor prices. Add growing in what you described as “in the woods hidden away” and I cannot foresee a high quality result. Not to mention “re-veg” isn’t really a thing…the stress of getting that far into flower makes a quality harvest doubtful.

Be patient, feed and water (that’s cheap), harvest, dry and try some of it in October, you can probably enjoy your first harvest yourself and among loving friends but my guess if you had hopes for quality sales those are not likely. You can cut down more trees (it won’t hurt the plants) but I really don’t think it will help enough to salvage anything close to an A or B grade.

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I will disagree… my cannabis is potent and buds you play softball with…and I am just across the border in Canada between Detroit and Port Huron on the St. Clair River … people love our cannabis far better than dispensary weed etc…so it’s about feeding them right… since I went to living soil and all organic…it has even gotten better…but in this area the fall can be your worst enemy… cool and wet = mold etc…