My Providential strain

I call it Mystery Meat. When polled, all who tried the hash I made from it, reported various meat tastes. To me, it was a steak onion burger. We’ll get there though. This strain and I have history, so buckle up butter cup.
“Hey someone fucked up. Gotta deal for you.”

One sure way a female will go herm, is stress. Heat and physical stress are the two I’ll list, as I know them to be true. One thing we all must remain cognizant of, is the infancy of cannabis’ legality and the ensuing unbiased research. Plus people in all field punk data, we are pioneers!
Anyway, if one person is covering an entire grow, a herm could be overlooked (i dont know wasnt me). One was. One male (or herm) can polibate seven acres.
Back to story. There’s an insane amount of reefer, that had been seeded, with fire genetics. At one point I got fourteen ounces for free, cuz delivery brought wrong package. I consistently got 11-13% return when making bubble hash, and 23-24% return dry sift.
I don’t save any of the seeds. It’s all gone. Kick self in ass when I realize what I’ve thrown away.
Fast forward a few months.
“Man its always fire with you, but honestly, bang for buck that seeded shit made phenomenal hash and my dumbass didn’t save any of the seeds.”
"Funny you should mention that. I have a pound and a half of that left if you want it.

Everything in my tent is Mystery Meat except the two ladies in their second vegitation and the clones.



What an interesting story about some fire genetics you have. I have also saved seeds from last season and hoping some good plants come out the variety. You never know and hopefully you have some very solid seed stock. Happy growing.