My step by step guide to making Whole Plant Cannabis oil, aka RSO


One of the first plants I grew was a Maui that was more Pine than any other I have grown. I wished I cloned/seeded it.

My understanding is that Mr. Greengenes Cherry Bomb was developed from the original Maui Waui.


This strain has a heavy Limonene profile, but you get a hint of pine and skunk on the after smoke. It’s ilgm’s strain, so who knows how far its come since the original strain back in the days.


“I hope this helps a few people in making this amazing medicine. I swallow gelatin capsules of cannabis oil 3 times a day and it is the purest most medicinal way to take cannabis. It is able to slowly absorb into the gut and then be processed in your liver to different forms of the normal cannabanoids. From there it reaches out to every part of our bodies and to the millions of cannabanoid receptors inside of each and everyone of us.”

Your recipe has helped me,and thinking of trying it at a later stage. I also find that ingesting cannabis in its many forms has better medicinal effects than most other ways, with a much longer effect on my body and mind.