My White Widow big bud again

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie and have just worked out how to post a photo with the help of scotty 17 and kapouic. Thanks gents very kind of you.
I just wanted to post a photo of my white widow big bud. I will post a grow diary with alot more detail when I work that out. My girls are in soil and the photo is my plants three weeks into flower.


Very nice the are some fat stems man! Wow love the trunks for stems. What strain?


Hi preybird1.
They are white widow big bud and growing crazy apart from my little runt (bless) on the left hand side.
I removed all the growth beneath the topping and it seems to concentrate all the nutrients to the top hench the mad growth and thick stems and it’s only the 3rd week of flower. My biggest girl is 30 inch and this is not my 1st grow, but this is the 1st time I’ve been brave enough to remove all the lower growth and it seems to be paying dividends. However I’m still afraid that I’ve lost all my lower popcorn buds - so still not sure. Do thick stems and strong growth mean bigger buds to make up for the popcorn loss?
Well I can’t wait to find out and that’s what I love about growing. There is such a buzzing energy to these beautiful, wonderful and very much individual plants. Every time I open my tent I feel it.
So I got 6 long weeks to wait for harvest. I will upload a few photos next Saturday on the 4th week of flower and then every Saturday until harvest.
Happy buds.


Those girl look good … as far as your larf… light. You are going into week 4 the stretch will slow to stop… so now you van work on opening some of your lower bud sites and get some light to them. But don’t worry that larf can be used in other ways


Hi thanks docee and thanks for the advice. I did a major leaf clear and now getting plenty of light low down. You are right about coming to end of stretch because the nodes are starting to grow closer at the tops. If you get a min can you explain a bit more about what ‘larf’ means.
Thanks again bud.


That’s a fancy word for small, airy buds!


Wow. Thanks kapouic and thanks for the link. I’ll just go n build one n have a read.