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Mycorrhizal Innoculant in Coco

Just a random question, when preparing fresh buffered coco and mixing with perlite, does it make sense to add Myco to the mix, or even recharge for that matter? (before plants go in)


No unless its a reuse of your coco, with old roots, nutes, silicate etc to be broken down, or youre gonna to plan start feeding the microbes off the bat, which recharge does. The inoculation is primarily to\for the root system, so at transplant time, or seedling time is a more optimal time to begin. If your seed in dirt guy, I’d drop a drop or two of tribus, a cuttings guy add a few drops it to your cloner etc etc., Up -pot’r dip the xplant and powder in the hole.


Thanks, that seemed more logical. I’ll save my fungi for now :smiley:


i give my coco pots a healthy dose of Mykos every time i pot up. I also add Voodoo Juice and Azos with most feedings in veg. The root mass on my plants is ridiculous