"myke" mycorrhizae

Anyone use a type they like?
I have been using this for years i like it a lot and have used all 3 kinds. I use it on all my veggies! All my fruits and transplanted plants. I have used the green one for vegetables on 3 strains of cannibis and i am currently using the blue one for trees and hedges on 5 strains. Next im trying the orange one on the plants.

Anyone have experience using MYCORRHIZAE. And if so which kinds ppwders liquids and why?
Did one work better?
Was it worth it for you?


Never used it… So by using this you add mycrrhizae Fungi to soil which in return creates a symbiotic relationship between the roots and fungus helping the roots pull in nutrients to the roots??


Yes and the root double in size! I use it all the time. You can rub it right onto the roots.

Here i just sprinkle it onto the roots and some in the pot under where the plant is going to be.


Damn that Taproot is huge bro… I’m definitely looking into it


Yeah I use it when i stick the seeds into the cork stuff and then i sprinkle it onto the tap root every transplant. And around the root ball when going to larger pots.


Sounds like a legit product!! It’s not nutes but it helps the plants carry nutes to the root system… I’m digging it brotha! :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:


I am a disciple.
Do not transplant without it.
Consistently amazing increase in root ball density.
Your plants will thank you.

I have started using this dynomyco now way better.

@Ari bought some dynomyco after i used up the free sample great stuff.


Definitely a “Dynomyco” fan!!
Used my sample and bought more, also!
My plants are trees!!

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