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Nano Bubble technology

I heard about this nano bubble technology from a Japanese contact of mine about a year or so ago. He saw it in a Japanese commercial. They were keeping salt water fish in fresh water infused with oxygen nano bubbles. Any gas can be injected into the water as well. Several claims about improving plant growth, cleaning, pathogen control, the list went on. Its almost unbelievable that simple air bubbles in water can do these things.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience using this tech?
Seems very interesting and definitely worth a little research.


I haven’t heard of it but it does sound interesting:


Was this advertisement intended for growers or the general public?

Because oxygenating water will definitely have those benefits for hydroponic plants. The real question is how big the difference is between micro bubbling and standard oxygenation methods?

Here’s the full article of what @nicholas linked:

Microbubbling.pdf (410.3 KB)


Need to measure dissolved O2 not bubbles. Actual a fan on the surface of the water is the best means of getting oxygen to disolve in water.

We are using O2 generator (97% O2) for both adding dissolved O2 to nutrient water and create ozone for killing pathogens. Since air contains CO2 overtime injecting air into water creates carbolic acid, though not sure enough to lower pH that much.


The paper that Nic linked actually explains that the action of the microbubbles collapsing generates free radicals, which are very good at destroying microbes, although you don’t want that happening close to your roots, as free radicals are generally not kind to life.

That can definitely help, as will chilling the water. Cold water holds the most oxygen/gas content.

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Here is a link for a video about them.


I mentioned in one other post that one of the legal Cannabis producers in Canada are growing with fish excrement and aquaponically but not sure if they’re doing this. I’m amazed and excited about the future of botany! Here’s their site if you want to check them out:


They say that with Oxygen nano bubbles you can exceed the known solubility of the oxygen in water. Basically, one can have super saturated oxygen nutrient water. Good point about the free radicals though???


Ya if this has potential in our industry it seems best suited for aquaponics . Also, anything that could potentially help restore marine ecosystems is a positive


Think sat is about 8 ppm at room temp. One study found DWC plants were effected below 4 ppm, but no gain with hire concentrations. No clue of weed is similar.

I looking at prototyping a UV light with pure O2 jacket. Just use a UV water treatment jacket with a different bulb. Hooking up O2 generator where the water goes. Should get ozone for water treatment. Will be sealed as ozone is not good for humans.