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Im thinking of getting a nanobubble generator to put into my tea mix. Does anyone have experience with this?


Nualgi Ponds will generate nano bubbles in your tea.


The theory behind nano bubbles is they have more surface space allowing greater cation exchange. The other thought is that large bibbles will actually attract micro bubbles and remove O2. Either way the air pump will heat up your solution and the higher the temperature the lower the desolved O2 holding ability of your nutrient solution. Next to temperature the biggest variable in getting O2 in your water is surface tension. So, as the bubbles rise and break surface it allows for O2 exchange. I’ve seen small water pumps where they create a waterfall that splashes and disrupts the surface. Either way you break the surface tension you have to keep down the heat created by the pump.


That website says nothing about nanobubbles.

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First time I heard about Nanobubbles was from this video: