Nectar of the Gods Soil #4

Have about 400 bags of Nectar of the Gods #4 soil for sale. Oklahoma is where we are located!

$12 a bag
$10 a bag if you buy a whole pallet of the soil
$7 a bag if you buy it all
Let me know if you’re interested! 00F0F_5ePjbj26R1L_600x450


What’s the best blend for starting seed or clones? Does it need any additional stuff and is it organic?

Using this medium, you would want some perlite in a 4x4 pot. Pop seeds on a bag, then transplant to the pot. We usually hit clones with RO water In the dome and tea for feed for awhile

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You should say about where you are. Like for me I’m in Michigan.

Thanks for the heads up. I edited the OP

Would u ship?

We don’t have the means to ship, or shipping would probably cost you more than the soil itself

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