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Need a reliable power supply?

Are you having problems receiving the proper power requirements from your local power utility company? MBS Engineering has a solution for you.

We are a trusted provider of onsite power solutions, in the form of Flex Energy Gas Turbines, throughout the Western United States. MBS offers experienced engineering, design, and analysis of your sites power requirements, and can offer a long-term power solution, without the need for a connection to your local power grid.

If you’re not getting the power you need from your local utility company or need power in a remote location where utility provided electricity is not available, gas turbines are your answer. If you spend over $10,000 a month on your electricity bills, gas turbines can help cut your costs.

MBS can help provide a range of financing options to help with the upfront costs too.

Please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] to discuss further and learn more about this technology. We can help with all your power needs!