Need advice on her variegation

Vial and the plant :potted_plant: are not only used by people lol that was predict text.

Help with variegation plants :potted_plant: :relaxed:
Will it affect yields and potency?


The varigation isn’t an issue. It just look cool is all. I mean to really be sure youd have to test the final flower for thc. But also the buds at the top will always have more thc just because of apical dominance. I would not worry about it to ne honest.


I came across someone very recently on IG that had some variegation, The newer leaves were curling and the new growth looked discolored as well. I was hoping to learn a little more about this and if others also believe it to be a mosaic virus


As a fellow newbie cannabis grower, I understand the struggle when it comes to identifying and addressing diseases that may afflict our plants. Luckily, @Slym3r was kind enough to point out that my plant may have been infected with the mosaic virus, and based on my own research, I came to the same conclusion.

While it can be tempting to immediately implement precautions to minimize the viral outbreak, I found it important to let the virus flourish and see how it affected the yield and quality of the smoke. I was surprised to find that, despite the virus, the smoke produced by my plant was enjoyable, with a lovely cerebral high. However, I did notice that the taste of the smoke resembles liquorice, which was a bit unexpected.

Overall, it was an interesting experiment, and I learned a lot about how mosaic virus affects cannabis plants. It just goes to show that sometimes, viruses can produce unexpected results!

Whether we’re talking about computer viruses or plant viruses, it’s important to remain vigilant and do our research. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover something new and interesting. But let’s hope our plants don’t catch the flu!