Need help adjusting Coco nutes...Flora series Trio

Hey guys, first time grower here. Im growing GG4 in coco/perlite 70/30 and im on day 1 of the second week. Been feeding flora series at 400 ppm at the end of week 1. Tested my runoff today and it was close to 2000. I have been watering to runoff each time i feed. I have since flushed my plants and now theyre sitting between 275-500 ppm which i find to be reasonable as far as the research im doing. Any advice to keep my levels the same in my plants? Also when youre given dosages for nutes is that thr dosage for the whole week or is that what you should mix in each gallon? And also does cali-magic raise your ppm drastically? Help, im trying to grow some dank.


Wow, there’s a lot to bite off there…
1.Your nutrient mfg should give you a good idea of your approximate EC/ppm range for all stages of growth.
2. Most growers, especially in early veg will not fertilize EACH time an irrigation is necessary…you need to determine that by checking the pH/Ec of your RUNOFF. You are best NOT to feed nutrients if that Ec/ppm remains high.
EC (Electrical Conductivity) is the standard measurement used to measure nutrient concentrations.

Here’s a few conversions to help you out…

       EC= ppm X 2 Divided by 1000
       EC= TDS (Total dissolved Solids)  X 0.67

ANYTHING you dissolve in water will raise the EC/ppm. If you’re not using R/O water, you may well have significant ppm (TDS) in your water before you ever add nutrients!


If you’re growing in Coco I believe you will want to feed nutrients every time you water I grow in cocoa and I feed nutrients every watering I feed my plants between 900 and 1,000 ppms from seed and I run Jacks nutrients

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