Need help finding affordable grow tent kit

I need some help finding an affordable 4x2 or 4x4 grow tent kit. Any help is appreciated.


Welcome mgcman!
Couple of questions

what type of light do you plan to use?
Whats your ceiling height?
Any other info on how you plan to grow?


It’s 8 foot ceilings. I plan to grow with soil. As far as lights go I’m new to this so I’m not sure. I think led is the way to go though from what I have read up on.


LEDs are awesome for tent grows, Lower heat with good par. just make sure to double check the dimensions so that they fit with at least 3-5 inches off the sides.

Most tents in that size range will work for you, the Gorilla tents can go higher but its not necessary 8ft is plenty, imo.

Have you checked out Growers House? There’s also other brands available from other online retailers.
The big thing to look out for in reviews is how the zippers perform. a hole in the corner of the tent is an easy fix. A broken zipper usually means a new tent. The major brands like Gorilla, Plant House, Secret Jardin are all pretty good and reliable and have warranties that actually mean something.

A good 4x4 should run you about $150-250


Hi @mgcman , welcome to GN. Check out for great prices and service. This tent below is just $102, bigger is better, more plants! They also have 4x4 for a little more.


Thank you! I’m looking for a kit that comes with the light and a exhaust just fan. If you know of any.


Great. can assist you there too. Check out the Grow Tent Kits or build your own custom tent online:

Here is a nice 4 x 4 kit, however it comes with a 600w HID instead of a LED.


For my tent setup on my 4x2, I use a Mars Hydro tent and ChilLED Tech X3. Inline fan is a A/C Infinity 6" with carbon filter. Also a few 6" circular fans

Look on Amazon tons of tents and lights and fans. Look at some pricing before you go looking so you know what new prices are. Then go to Facebook marketplace tons of used stuff on there, new too.