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Need help having issues with over nuting

Hello I’ve never signed up to a forum but thought I’d give this a try. I’m growing in rock wool using @hgv nutrient. Had a great run last time this time around I’m having issues with I believe over watering or to string of a solution. Even though it was the same as last time the plants are not reacting how I expected. All my stems are purple and the hairs are turning red I’m in week 5 of flower. I checked my runoff and it’s over 3k so I flush I flushed it out over the corse of a week. Then I fed with half strength formula but they shot right back up to 2800-3000 using 700 scale. I’ve been using hydrozymr and just giving water. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what I can do to save this crop. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated I can really use the help thank you

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