Need help on Daisy Chaining LED Grow Lights to a Power Source

I am looking to connect 10 480w LED grow lights (SpiderFarm and Kingbrite bar lights) together to one power source, daisy chaining to a power sorce. They will be daisy chained to a dimmer controller, but that is not the power source. The following diagram gives an idea of how they should be connected. The problem is, I am trying to find out where to buy the rights parts. This link on Amazon gives an idea, T-Connector but will they work?

I need help from anybody who has done this before.

The next question is what timer would you recommend to control these lights? I can split it to more than one power source if required.

Daisy Chain Power

The bottom connection would connect to the lights


First you need to get your actual amp draw, not the output that the lights tell you they are, but the actual amp draw of each. Then figure out your total wattage and amp draw. Then buy the appropriate amp connectors and the proper circuit supply wire to support those 10 lights. 1000 ACTUAL watts = 10 amp draw, always allow yourself more capacity than actual draw.