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Need help with farm planning

I want to grow an indoor medical cannabis farm with full control (using drips, led ,fans,humid control and driers).
i have 0.4hec for that, my plan is to build small rooms 14.5feet X 29feet and i want them to grow the whole way at the same room, from plant till harvest.
the main idea is to give my patients high quality cannabis with no pesticides at all.
from my calculation the electricity use will make the whole project non profitable .
maybe i have a mistake or choose the wrong equipment…
so ill be happy if someone can give me from his/her experience which equipment to choose and the final electricity usage



We can help you…, we are leading the way in Sun replication with our “Digital Sun System”…, LEDs from PowerTrakGrow, 4th generation lighting using OSRAM/SAMSUNG LEDs…, email or call: Tom Mihalko 401-524-6551, [email protected]


I would be happy to help with design of your facility and SOPs. I have been growing cannabis since 1971. Where are you located?


Where are you located? I’ve looked over a couple dozen business plans of similar type and while the electricity is expensive (can be millions just to get hookups) I don’t see how you’re becoming unprofitable.

In a former life I was the operations and “innovation” manager at a few large firms (not cannabis) and part of that was deciding on going forward with new projects based on detailed proposals. I would want to see your calculations here - I wouldn’t charge you for it or anything. I want you to help bring your innovation to the cannabis industry.

Now I’m not saying you’re incorrect - but maybe there’s a different way to look at it you haven’t considered. One of my big problems is that I get so deep into a project that a fresh outlook becomes nigh impossible, and I think you may be in that boat, though I could be wrong.

I’ll sign an NDA or whatever you want. Honestly it sounds like there are other problems to address here on a more foundational level than what you’re bringing up. I respect lighting companies and their sales teams and do not want to disparage anyone but it is my opinion that before getting into all that we should look at addressing this fact.

@DyscoGrow is another person you should speak with. He’s affiliated with me, yes, but I went through over 2 dozen people before I found someone that is commiserate with my high standards so of course I’d have no problem recommending him to someone else.


Hey Miro,
We work with a ton of indoor growers and have found that picking the right equipment and environmental sensors makes for a lot of saved energy, time and money in the long run.
If you are running a number of rooms, the light and grow cycles will most likely vary. It’s a lot to keep track of and to manage employees is even harder.
Our software helps growers do what they do best and eases the logistics and management. We offer environmental sensors integration so you get notified on your phone if lights or co2 or anything else is not in its ideal range. You can manage tasks and employees. And best of all, track batches and analyze data from your rounds to improve and perfect your processes.
Let me know if i can answer any questions :slight_smile:
Good luck in getting your project setup!