***Need help with Humidity!***

Just started first grow about a week ago. Seeds have germinated, were planted, and now on their way to veg. When we first set the tent up, RH in the room the tent is in (first floor of home) was ~40%. Propagated the seeds in a dome but now they are in the larger environment and starting to be concerned about RH during seedling and veg stage. So I went and bought a misting humidifier…only to wake up and find the tent completely drenched. Vent Fan was on low all night. Thankfully the precipitation didn’t fry the power cord. So begs my question: how do I get this humidity thing figured out?!


@treycer11 turn off your exhaust fan, hang a wet towel in tent, this will increase your humidity also.
Also make sure you some your seedlings until they don’t fit anymore, then you won’t have to worry about the environment so much. When they get a bit bigger, they’ll be able to adapt to whatever humidity you have.


You need to get a humidity controller. Inkbird makes some nice ones that are less than $50. It has a sensor that you put in the tent and a controller that you plug your humidifier into. Set the RH that you want, and the controller will turn the humidifier on if the RH drops too low. I use one that can control humidity up an down that I use to control a humidifier and an exhaust fan. It keeps things right where I want them.


They have some digital ones on amazon that work well; fill it, set it and forget it…repeat when empty


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Humidity will go up when the plant gets bigger. In the mean time just a small humidifier from walmart not the misting ones. Just a normal one. Keep your fans going so nothing bad starts growing in the moist environment. Just turn em down a bit. Make sure the temps are good too. Bo worries man i run into humidity issues sometimes too. I honestly just mist em with plain water untill the plant gets bigger.