Need help with NASA aeroponics paper

Can anyone give me a link to the NASA papers on growing tomatoes aeroponicly?

Much appreciated

This one?

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Thanks, but need specific info. Like nutrient concentrations, npk ratio, spray on and off times.

I was under the impression that these data were published in the open literature

Im sure it is. Check the library of congress

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They have everything

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Are you looking for information specific to hydroponic tomatoes?

I’ve got information about macro and micro nutrient concentrations for many greenhouse crops including tomato if you’d like, but they’re for substrates like coco coir and rockwool, not aeroponics.

In talks I’ve had and research I’ve done, cannabis has been described as being “somewhere between tomatoes and poinsettias” in terms of nutrition. The exact ratios are a bit of an industry secret, but that’s a really good starting point to getting the mix that would work for you. Again, that info is for greenhouse substrates. You’d need to tweak to make the ideal nutrition for aeroponics.

Thanks for the responses. I’ve seen people post in the past about NASA reports dealing with aeroponics in space. When I did a search, all I could find was like press release documents. NO DATA!

I was just under the opinion that some posters here had read on of their papers containing some useful information.