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Need help with rapid rooter and sprouted seeds

I Have germinated seeds put tail down in soaked rapid rooters but only 1 has sprouted after 5 days and the one that has sprouted hasn’t changed in height or appearance in over 24 hrs. Should take the unsprouted seed out and put in something else or leave it? Is my sprouted seed dead? Need some help plz tyia

Tail side down? So the point up? This may be the issue. Your seed is most likely upside down. Planting them pointed side down will make them sprout and so will planting them sideways so the point is horizontal. Planting sideways is better, it will create a thicker stem from the start. Pointed side down will make a stretchy plant that needs buried deeper to support.

Also, the corks get over watered very easy, you just need them to be moist. Squeeze any excess water out of them, you don’t want them to be wet or dripping with water until the plant starts.

The humidity dome is great for keeping the corks moist. Plastic storage containers work great also. So do freezer bags.

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Is there roots coming out of the cork on the started plants? Can you show them in a normal lighting?

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Ya the rooters are best to wait to add water for a seed till they start to dry the second time I find.i just sprinkle w a little water the first two times

Thanks peeps a lot of good information for next time im seeing here. The sprouted seedling is starting to spread wings. The big question im wondering for now is whether to squeeze out that “cork” and give that non sprouted seed the benefit of the doubt that it will sprout as well, or whether i should replant (carefully) in wet soil. I know replanting seedlings makes a lot of people nervous but i have 13 more viable seeds and im not worried if this risky option is the best. The


If you can tear into the cork without damaging the seed or root you might be able to salvage the seed. If the seed didn’t sprout, you could always try putting it in a fresh cork. If the seed is a dark grey color/black, it may have died.


ThAnks so much, seed looked dark but decided to replant anyways cuz doesnt cost me anything to try. Will post follow up pics