Need Hemp manufacturer to create my product

Hello - I am patent pending on a product for the animal travel industry and have substantial interest from all large pet stores in the US that once manufactured, they would like to carry. I had hoped to create this out of hemp, but not sure where to start and who would be able to help me with something like this - or at least to point me in the right direction?

On a side note, I am a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and educate on Medical Cannabis at the molecular level, so it would be in keeping with my God given passion in this field.

Thank you in advance for suggestions who to contact or reach out to.

Simply Orchestrated, LLC.


Hello Renee,
We have many manufacturing contacts in our network. We can help you locate one that is appropriate. We are not manufacturers so there is no conflict. I’m happy to sign an NDNC so that you can discuss freely and we can assist you.
Here is a link to my schedule:



Thank you for your response. Not too concerned with a NDNC at this moment as I am so far along in the patent process with my Patent atty. and final reviews with the US patent office.

Is there a area on the site I am able to look through to see the various manufacturers? Cameron Cox is who referred me to this site last year but have really not looked through too much as I have been more focused on the Medical Cannabis side for all the other things I have going on so I just placed my request in the Business side. Hope that was ok. My personal cell too is 715.870.5195


Let’s connect next week. Here is a link to my schedule.
Set up a phone meeting here: