Need input on automation

I am wanting to go automated for 5 flowers and 1 veg room. each room 1400 sq feet. i need input on what works or doesn’t and RO systems


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Rollie Systems can help, check us out at Just send me an email with your specific questions and I will get back to you. We don’t supply every system needed in a grow but at this point we have installed/recommended or produced just about everything needed.

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First what is your space utilization in 1400 times 6 = 8400
8400 times 52 weeks = 436,800 sqft weeks.

What is your actual utilization of that space? If bellow 80% you need to maximize your space. Look at any Dutch Pallet Bench system. Everyone makes one.
Here is nexus Dutch Pallet Benches.

How many spacing’s do you do? Three? What is the spacing at each this is your S number.

How many time do you physically touch the plant? You get a touch point for each S + schedule touches this is your T value.

This will help you calculate your actual utilization. I have a post called “Pot Mums” :upside_down_face: that will help you calculate.

Next look are what cost you the most in people labor. People time should be calculated based on FTE. Somewhere I did a post. How many FTE do you spend filling pots? If that’s high get a filler and transplanter. bouldinlawson

Do you hand water? Drip irrigation is a must Netafim is on the site. I do not know the contract name. Every hand water counts as a touch.

What is your growth media?
If it contains a true soil. You have a problem. You need a peatlite type mix. I lIke Metromix 510. For container under 2.5 gallon. Above that size you have a different problem. No switch media in a grow. I would grow in an eight inch short extra heavy. (Don’t want any one falling over. That would be an unscheduled touch and counts against you.

If you grow on bigger than 2.5 gallons use something like Metromix 840

All the original substrate work was done at Cornell University. The substrate laboratory that is most currently active is at University of North Carolina. They have all the modern potting composts data. Media’s that contain composted pine bark are best.

Automate any task that can not be done by hand. In order of the most FTE down.

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On the software side and compliance side, we’ve got you covered. Supergrower can help with easy compliance automation, task/procedural setup and reporting, and ultimately everything you need to keep some one from having to spend hours trying to figure out your cost per gram.

Our system helps with data capture and transparency of your facility (or facilities as you expand) in aggregate or down to the specific plant.



We need to work out how to start using ISO8601 weeks and tying them back to the grow and accounting. Salesforce is the ideal candidate platform. We just need stand floricultue notation.

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