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Need opinions please - Term for website tool bar

Hi there,
I’m adding a category to the tool bar of our website for bulk packs of multiple units. I’m vacillating between different terms that will immediately grab someones attention. I’ve come up with the following and would really appreciate your opinions and or if you have any other suggestions.

Bulk Unit Packs
Large Unit Packs
Bulk Packs
Wholesale Large Packs
Wholesale Bulk Packs
Bulk Cannabis Packs,

I’d like to have two or three words so the reader knows we have a listing of wholesale large packs (10 units & up), any thoughts GN Community?

Thank you for your consideration, opinions, suggestions and your help in advance.


You are already using the terms Bulk Oil and Wholesale Bulk Hemp as links in different areas of your main menu. Will you be moving those to the Bulk category as well?

I would suggest a Wholesale header menu with then the sub components - Bulk Oil, Bulk Flower, Bulk Hemp etc and then under those drill down to the specifics. Use each step in the process to inform the consumer about your product and why the bulk orders are so good (volume discounts etc).


Thank you Nathan,
That is very helpful.