Need opinions!

Found just a very few leafs that looked as if it were eaten??? Everything else looks fine. Looked under leafs can’t see any bugs or
very small black specks. The underside looks normal and clean. Appreciate opinions.


They look like they might have been ripped or torn by something. Were the plants moved or rearranged? Might have got caught on another pot or accidentally pinched when they were moved.

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If you have cats or dogs, they get curious sometimes…

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I do rotate the plants. Also I did think I may have caused the damage when I was doing LST to them. I was just concerned.
I appreciate all opinions, thank you everyone!


Get insecticidal soap. Spray the underside of the leaves once every three days for a few weeks.

It looks like when I accidentally grab a leaf with my cloth pot and rip a few leaves when I pick them up;especially where they are located right at the edge of the pot like that.

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