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Neem based compost tea as a pest preventative

I’m wondering if using Neem Seed Fertilizer by Down To Earth as a base for a compost tea (with seaweed extract, shredded spinach, molasses) will have any pest preventative properties? Has anyone had any success using something like this? I’m not currently dealing with any pests, just wondering.

Yo @Ladithief this guy is a master tea making dude

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All living soil is pest preventive…that said… the jury is out on Neem… some say it systemic poisoning…and there no matter what after you apply it… I do not use it for no other reason than I don’t and the jury is still out… your tea looks sound… your seaweed extract is the replacement of my kelp meal… you look like you are lacking silica… I use AGI-SIL full power for mine…I use molasses also… organic not Brix…and you could use some Humic/Fulvic acid in your mix…and some form of inoculant for the bio-mass growth… I swear by Dynomyco…for this…

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Thank you for your comment!

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