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Neem Oil a cause for CHS

I while ago I spoke here about Neem as a potential contaminant that is potentially causing health issues to smokers of Cannabis. One friend stated that he had that Cyclical Vomiting Disorder until he started growing his own organic plants. Now he doesn’t have it but found out that the grower he was buying from was using Neem.

Here’s an article on Neem as a cause for this odd illness that is plaguing emergency rooms.


Interesting post Dan. Thanks.

We make a mite product without Neem oil and has been tested to not have any of the CA prohibited ingredients (new product for us, Not sure if there is a need for this which is why I wanted to mention it or if it could be of help to you. Our product is just a mite product and not for other conditions such as fungus.



A lot of speculation going on in that article. I will agree a lot more research needs to be done but jumping to conclusions about products containing Azadirachtin that have been used safely for years seems a bit unjust. These claims are being made without any research on how smoking vs ingesting affects the body. The jury is still out IMO


“More studies needed” may be the most spoken words when it comes to Cannabis!! :slight_smile:

At the moment, medical professionals and prohibitionists are making claims about Cannabis itself being dangerous and the cause of this incredibly awful condition. I’m much rather see speculation about a product than speculation and lies about the plant itself.

But … more studies needed on the safety of Neem for sure.