Neon Bloom Inc. International Investment Company

Neon Bloom, Inc. is a holdings company, based in the United States, acquiring innovative agriculture and ancillary technology products and services across the globe. We believe that Human Capital is the most important asset class.

We are an International Investment Company focused on innovative technologies, headquartered in New York City. We invest in the development, testing, and scaling of innovations aimed at improving the lives of those less fortunate.

Seed to Sale

Neon Bloom is a seed to sale investment leader in the agriculture industry. We look to become the Berkshire Hathaway of agriculture with diversified holdings of innovative agriculture companies within the supply chain. Our investment strategy is to be an integrated management investment partner.


We deploy sound strategies and innovative technologies to advance the industry for the greater good. Bringing all of these sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Neon Bloom was founded and built on creating an ecosystem centered around environmentally and socially oriented practices.


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