New 1 pound bags available on Amazon

A most excellent way to package a pound! For secure transport and storage Heat Seal or Vacuum closed for maximum security. Heavy duty odor and puncture resistant barrier materials are 5X thicker than a traditional turkey bag. Big 8" bottom gusset makes for easy loading and stands up to professionally present your harvest. Clear/Black material combination showcases your buds. Made in USA from food grade food safe materials. For legal use only. All bags ship empty.

Packed 100 per box these bags are $1.09 each with free shipping. Here is the link to the bags on Amazon:


Hi Mike1,
I manufacture custom pouches up to 47" wide if you need.

18x23.5 OD

Top seal is 3/4”

Second seal is ¾” located 3” from top of bag

Handle holes located just under the top seal

3m $795/m /79.5 cents each

5m $608/m /60.8 cents each


Hi Chris and thanks for the info! I took a look at your website and the machines are very interesting. A long way from the days of a triple beam! I look forward to discussing interesting applications and opportunities.

My main product is HISIERRA bags and film - an earth friendly, child resistant cannabis packaging made in USA. HISIERRA is ASTM 6866 certified renewable & sustainable (green bio-based materials and we use clean 100% wind powered manufacturing) HISIERRA is cannabis compliant everywhere and ASTM D3475 certified child resistant…

my website is and the 2 stock sizes of ‘exit bags’ are on sale on Amazon with free shipping. 9" x 6" DAYTRIPPER size is 55 cents each and the larger WEEKENDER size is 60 cents each. Both size exit bags are packed 420 bags per case.

I am Beta testing a new smaller size HISIERRA exit bag for a concentrate container or single edible doses. I call this size DOSE AMIGOS. I can send you samples for your evaluation if you have an application. Here is a picture:

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Hi there,
WE’d love to have both of you set up a vendor store on our website. We have a huge amount of organic traffic from cultivators. I think they would be interested in all your products. Call or email me if you have any questions.
707-971-0616 Angela [email protected]
signing up is free.


Hi Mike, I don’t think we ever connected. We’d still love to have your products for distribution on our website. Please call me or email me at your convenience thank you you can also simply sign up as a vendor on the website and create your own store. We can correspond through email. Namaste Angela


does it make sense to vacuum pack buds after they cure? with integra dessicant? looking for a simple way to reduce possibility of mold.

a vacuum is a vacuum… can’t see an issue and with no air there is no humidity… just my 2 cents worth… could be totally wrong and it won’t be first or last…lol…