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New and Movin' on up!

I have been tinkering with my grow setup for 2 grows now. I’ve had to learn everything on my own, I imagine most people do this :slight_smile: It has been an amazing challenging journey !

I started by reading a website, and purchased an aerogarden from amazon when it was on sale, tent and all the accessories( air pump / air stone)

I researched where to buy my first seeds, I traveled to downtown toronto , ontario and purchased Blueberry Kush Fem. I went to a local hydroponics shop and bought some ph up/down and he offered me 5 seeds for being first time customer( torontonian, girl scout hybrid fem)

Here’s a couple pictures of the aerogarden 1st grow

I fumbled my way through managing nutrients and ph. Although I read lots about how to determine if a plant is male or female, I was clearly clueless lol. The Blueberry kush turned out to be a male and ended up polinating the Girl scout cookies hybrid fem. I immediately saw that it stopped growing, thats when the seeds started. Although I felt negative, I ended up with tons of seeds!

So on my 2nd grow I decided to try the aerogarden with 3 plants (used the seeds I got from the 1st grow) and 1 plant (blueberry Kush fem) in a fabric pot with coco/perlite(I figured lets experiment with something outside of the aerogarden) (4 Plants in total)

Well what do you know the damn Blueberry kush was a male again, but this time I was prepared and yanked it instantly. 1 of the 3 in the aerogarden was also a male. So I was down to 2 plants! had some ph issues that I resolved. This aerogarden was fun but its too damn small.

Here is the result of my 2nd grow in the aerogarden.

I cut , dried and cured it and it turned out quite nice.

So here I am now, I ordered the 4x autopot system, air domes, perlite, clay pebbles , coco , small recirc pump. rinsed all the materials with ph’ed water. At the same time I reached out to someone on reddit and got 2 grand daddy purple and 2 white widow plants. They both came in good condition except for 1 of the gdp plants was quite stunted and didn’t survive the 2 weeks in the cup , the other 3 grew nicely. I transplanted them to the autopots and I’ve been watering by hand for 20 days now, to allow for the roots to establish . 4 days ago I’ve moved the autopots into their trays and have opened the valve from the reservoir and yesterday I turned on the air to the airdomes. Things are looking pretty good so far. It has been a fun journey, especially checking in on things everyday has become quite addictive.

Photo of my 3rd grow in its Current State.

I’d like some input on what to do with nutrients, I’m not sure if the nutes for my setup are best used in this application or not, so if there are nutrients I should switch to that are available in Canada easily, I would definitely be willing to switch.

Here are the amounts I’m using right now…

General Hydroponics Flora Series + CaliMagic
Per 1 gallon (3.79litres)

FloraMicro = 1/2 tsp (2.4ml)
FloraGro = 1/2 tsp (2.4ml)
FloraBloom =1/2 tsp (1.2ml)
CaliMagic = 1 tsp (4.8)

I’ve been keeping the reservoir PH at 6.0!

If you managed to read all of this thank you , I’m not the greatest wordsmith


To me that is Deep Water Culture… aero gardens run sprayers… but either way… nice grow…


I’m seeing a lot of growth now overnight since turning the air on.

I’ve seen suggestions to only have the air on for 12 hours of the day, is there any downside to leaving it on full time?

One more thing, the Grand Daddy Purple is the plant in the top right of the picture above. Is it normal to have leaves that are not serrated? there’s only a few that are serrated and it seems as they unfold during growth they are serrated but goes away soon after.

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Dont think I’ve seen GDP with leaves like that. That’s all I’m growing and the leaves look like this:

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