New beginner

hi, I’m new to the group, and I’m really new to farming, are there any kind souls who can help me and recommend which products I should use and which led light, tent I should use, I’m looking for autos and need tips on how I’m going to make the best of the plant, I’m really looking for good smoking and that it gives a lot of yield


Hello, @magi welcome … recommendations on equipment are gonna mostly based on what type of budget you have and space to grow in. ,As far as equipment you have cheap , which will grow plants but not to your expectations, you got some mid level equipment which will do better and be a little more dependable and top of the line equipment that with the proper plant care can get you closer to what your looking to do in the space you have to grow :+1::+1::v:


Okey Thanks :heart:


Welcome to the forum! @bigj has pretty much covered everything I would have said.


Sorry auto growers. Lol. If u want what u speak of u need to go with photos whether fem or regs. U’ll get the strongest and most amount from photos. Autos are good to grow but r on their own schedule so if stunted in any way at starts that will affect the overall yield. Autos have a good tendency to give u a lighter fluffy bud rather than a firm harder bud like a photo gives. I’m not totally against autos but they r no where comparable to a photo plant u want THC photos u want THC and ruderals go auto. If u plan to extra t the buds autos r gonna be super super depressing. I know I’ve tried many of kinds and never once have any compared to photos on any way. Especially yield. I get like half gram per 3.5g pressed auto bud and I can smash 3.5g photo buds and get a gram or better back. They r fun to grow and super beautiful and a lot faster start to finish but fast is the only good on an auto


Hi @magi

Welcome to GN. To get the best, you going to need to be put the best in. offers a solution for choosing the right tent and within budget, check this link out:

Autos are alright, you could with or check our seed dashboard for other good companies that offer seeds.