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New Bill Would Triple Cannabis Dispensaries in California

The battle over retail cannabis heats up between the State of California and its cities/counties/municipalities.

As reported today in the L.A. Times, a bill moving through the Legislature would require California cities in which voters approved 2016’s Proposition 64 (legalizing cannabis for recreational use) to permit at least one cannabis retailer for every four liquor stores or one for every 10,000 residents, whichever is fewer. Assembly Bill 1356 would mandate 2,200 new cannabis stores throughout the state, more than three times the 631 shops legally operating now.

The reason for the bill is, though approved by voters in 388 of the state’s 540 cities and counties, two-thirds of local governments have outlawed cannabis shops and are challenging the legality of a rule allowing home delivery of cannabis products in cities that have banned retail shops.

Sounds to me like the solution to Oregon’s overproduction. What are your thoughts?

Here’s the full story:


its not about Oregon, it’s about access to medicine. try living in a dry county with a loser as sheriff

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My sympathies. I hope things change for you soon. Enlightenment sometimes takes a lot of patience.

i would prefer replacement as she is un-enlightenable

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When the state/county laws change, the Sheriff will have no choice but to enforce them.