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New Cannabis Friendly Interest-Free Line of Credit Loan up to $150,000

Cannabiz Cash Professionals are excited to announce our new Unsecured 6 to 18 month Interest-Free Line of Credit loan product to all businesses EVEN PRE-REVENUE STARTUPS up to $150,000! :moneybag::dollar::moneybag::dollar::moneybag:



I see you do loans as well as lines of credit.

We are in need of a house, and are unsure if we can find traditional financing of around $200-250k.

How about the likelihood of a complete mortgage refinance?

What is the APR on a loan?

What would the APR be if it was secured to real property?

We have quite a bit equity on our property, and a stick built house would add to that equity. We think that we would be a shoe-in for traditional lending, but the cannabis business makes that iffy. We haven’t had that discussion with our cannabis friendly bank yet, but will be having that discussion very soon.

DM your thoughts and terms.



Hi Farmer Dan,


Thank you for your questions. I have sent you information to directly to your mailbox as you have requested.

Hello Growers Network Community, my name is Tony Rullo from Cannabiz Cash Professionals LLC and I have loan funding solutions for your cannabis business, even if you are a pre-revenue Startup!


At Cannabiz Cash Professionals LLC, we provide any business involved in the cannabis industry (and in any other legal industry) with loans and working capital funding. Whether you are a startup, grower/producer, retailer, processor, laboratory, equipment manufacturer, equipment supplier, service provider, medical clinic, anyone who is involved in the cannabis industry can get loans from us. We can get you the best and fastest cannabis industry financing you need to help your business expand fast!

We provide unsecured business loans from $25,000 up to $100+ million.

We provide businesses the following unsecured and secured debt financing solutions:

  • 6 to 18 months Unsecured Interest-Free Line of credit up to $150,000
  • Unsecured Personal Loan up to $300,000
  • Unsecured and secured Business Loans from $500,000 to $5 million
  • Unsecured Business Project Loan from $5 million to $100 million (available to international businesses all over the world)
  • Unsecured Short Term Merchant Cash Advance up to $4 million

No application fees.

No collateral or assets required for most loans.

No personal or business guarantees.

Most loans have a simple 1-page application process.


  • Startup your business
  • Real Estate
  • Expansion
  • Marketing
  • Business capital
  • Anything you want or need for your business


  • Pre-revenue Startups
  • Poor or weak Credit Scores
  • Bankrupt’s ok
  • Tax liens ok
  • Bank turndowns

NOTE: If you don’t feel your credit is not good enough to qualify for this loan, we have a Credit Partner program where you can use someone else’s good credit for your business loan and the loan will not appear on their credit report.



If you would like to know more or if I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details listed below.

Best regards,

Tony Rullo, MBA
Cannabiz Cash Professionals LLC
Cell: 215-880-3859
E-mail: [email protected]


Have you run into any issues offering these lines of credit? This sounds disruptive, which is awesome! How have your serviced been received by the general banking industry?


Hi Growernick,

Thank you for your questions.

The only issue I run into is that most cannabis businesses think they cannot get a Line of Credit loan for their business because of their low FICO credit scores. As soon as they read or hear that they need a 730 + credit score, they simply give up.

The fantastic thing with working with my new private funders is that they can still offer customers with low credit scores loans using a credit partners credit score and it will not be recorded against the credit partners credit score. A credit partner can be a family member, business associate or colleague, or a friend. So the business owner repays the loan using someone else’s credit score. However, there is a risk to the credit partner that if the business does not repay the loan then the credit partner is required to take over and repay the loan.

Another issue I run into is that borrowers don’t comprehend the trade off that interest rates are slightly higher for unsecured loans (no assets or collateral required) compared to secured loans (where you have to provide assets to back the loan). I can provide loans that are secured but I prefer to provide loans that do not put the clients net worth and assets at risk as a first option. There are so many options I have available and in the coming weeks I will present other loan products I have.

The general banking industry is frustrated that they cannot provide loans because there is no clear set of rules and laws in place at the FDIC level of the banking industry. Many who find out about my service tend to walk away frustrated and don’t see themselves as problem solvers to their customers and therefore they don’t refer any cannabis business loan inquiries to my organization.

The banking industry has been bitten hard during the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08 and my private funders are taking a huge risk without FDIC protection if there is another economic meltdown. However, they believe in entrepreneurship and they been in business for 31 years so they have weathered the economic storms to keep entrepreneurial dreams alive and they believe in the cannabis industry too.


What’s your client acquisition process like? We growers have long been reticent to work with banks given some of our horrid past experiences. How do you overcome the stigma?


Great questions Growernick!

Growers, Processors and Dispensaries have all told me how impossibly tough it is trying to get debt funding from banks or credit unions. I am not a bank but I represent a group of private funders who are cannabis friendly and I offer products similar to banks/credit unions when it comes to debt financing.

The client acquisition process for my company is near impossible to promote because laws are preventing anyone from promoting cannabis related products on many media platforms out of fear of criminal prosecution. It is networks like the Growers Network that helps me get the word out to the cannabis business community that there is a safe way and confidential way of getting bank like funding that is friendly to the cannabis industry.

At this point in time, the majority of banks FDIC protected and the majority of credit unions are NCUSIF protected as long as they are not dealing with an illegal industry. The current frustration is that many states have legalized either medically and/or adult use recreational cannabis and there is very little being done at a federal level. Bankers fear going to jail or being shutdown for supporting cannabis businesses and therefore they refuse to deal with cannabis businesses. Private lenders are now taking on the risk and finding efficient ways to lend money and are now emerging to help in this industry space.

So how do I overcome the stigma and get Growers, Processors, and Dispensaries and any other cannabis associated business to work with my organization? I show my clients how I solve their funding problems. With many of my clients, I will always offer unsecured loans first where no assets are required. It’s hard enough for everyone in the cannabis industry trying to succeed and the last thing we want is for our clients to give up assets and risk their assets to succeed in their business.

If clients do not have great credit scores, we have a credit partner program where someone that the client knows puts up their credit score to help the business owner to get the loan. It is similar to having a co-signer for a bank loan and the loan does not appear on the credit partners report.

If all the unsecured loans fail to complete, we go to the secured loan path where the client puts up an asset (usually a property) to back the loan. It’s about showing our clients that we have their back and we are not going to give up on them. We as financial consultants have had a hard time trying to find the right funders for the cannabis industry just as much as the growers, processors and dispensaries have a difficult time trying to find funding to expand their business. Proudly, Cannabiz Cash Professionals now has the right portfolio of products and right cannabis friendly private funders to help anyone, even cannabis startups too.

Our private funders have already processed over $250 million in unsecured cannabis business funding and at this point in time we are processing a 72% loan approval and funded rate from all applications received and processed.

We don’t ask for application fees.

Loan applications do not get listed on credit reports so there is no risk on credit scores either.

We do everything we can to show our cannabis clients that we are on their side and support them as we do not ask what they want to do with their money as they are free to do and spend the funding on whatever they need. That’s the difference between my team of private funders against any other traditional bank/credit union. This is how Cannabiz Cash Professionals overcomes the stigma of lending to the cannabis industry.


Hey Tony, I am sending some people your way. Hope you can make some synergy happen.


Thank you @Growernick!


Would love more info about this and see what the steps are for applying, current cannabiz owner with a proven product looking to push deeper into production/media/marketing.

[email protected]

Much Appreciated