New clones. Anyone experiment with this style?

I have been experimenting with a new style of clone. I have my processors not “palm tree” the top leafs when cloning. I was just wondering if any of you guys have been doing this? So far, I have seen very good success almost 100% and much faster growth then the previous style. I was scared of having a bug problem since the leafs are bigger and there is much more room for them to hide/thrive. Although I haven’t seen anything that worries me. I started this experiment 15 days ago. The clones are thriving. I have been doing a different SOP on these style clones. It has been working good. I have only done it on our ice cream cake. But curious what you guys have to say and I’m thinking about doing this style on all of our strains.

Here’s photos of the previous style:


Here’s some of the new style:


There is a 17 day difference between those clones pictured (previous, new)

I do pretty much the same but another set of big leaf and having my best success in keeping all happy till new growth


So far it’s rooting almost 5 days faster then the previous style. I believe the bigger leafs allow for better growth. Even tho the centers might be covered no harm seems to be done. The bigger leafs allow for better photosynthesis.


I have done a few clones that way also. Much faster. Loved the results.