New day, new grower, new TENT!

Hello All!
My name is Hunter, I’m a new grower in Tempe. I say new, but I actually just finished my first grow about 2 months ago. It was a 2x4 tent riddled with problems from little platntlings to harvest (I was gifted some clones!!)

I’ve decided to do a new grow and up my game this time! So I’ve upgraded from my itty bitty Vivosun tent to a fully extended (as far as my ceilings will go) 2x4 Gorilla.

By the end of the weekend there will be two 2x4 tents growing some amazing plants!
Pics will be coming soon, I have a decent amount of space to clear up and move around the office.
Shoutout to GrowersHouse in PHX for the help with the new setup!


Hi @greentomatoes

Welcome to GN and great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your 2nd grow, bigger and better. Happy growing.


Welcpme to the forum @greentomatoes


Well it’s been a WHILE.

I have 2 plants from seed started when I made this post.

Both have been growing crazy well, now for the last 6.5 weeks.

However there is a MASSIVE height difference between the two plants. And it seems the shorter of the two is male.

The probably male is untrimmed, and the hopefully female just recently had a major trim…I topped off about 6 nodes in one swoop. And then for some severely ghetto reason… decided to put some Neosporin on the exposed stalk, and plug the hole with a chopped off q-tip. The rest of it’s branches have since improved amazingly in growth.

I’m using a 2pot Autopot system. With a 50/50 hand mixed perlite and coco blend.

So far I’ve been following the bottle on General Hydroponics nutrient line off of Amazon, because I still have a lot left over from my first grow.

The water is going through a counter top RO system, that then goes into my Berkey water filter! It comes out to a clean 6.8ph all the time!!

I have some pictures for you now.


Update to the water system.

I purchased the hydrologic micRO75 a while back. I just now got to putting an expansion tank on it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. A bit odd in setup though, everything I was seeing said to set the tank pressure to a few psi bellow shut off. I get 60 psi from the tap here, so I figured it would need 57 or so. Turns out I have to drop it down about 8 psi. (I didn’t try higher once I got this to work)

Having on demand RO is a blessing.



sweet as, good to see the qbs in action


Great pictures, but if you didn’t take any pictures of the supposed male, I don’t see one. I see some undifferentiated growth, and some female parts, but no definate males. Did you start with Fem seeds?



The last 4 pics I posted are of the plant I thought might be male. Suuuupppper glad I waited and did not cut her.

Thanks for the input!


Pics are before I did a last trim.

I’m switching to flower now, doing 30 min longer a day till we hit 12/12. We are starting from 18/6 and we subtracted the first 30 min today!

Plants are about 5’6 right now!


Hummm…you have the same problem I do…you just hate to cut them back when they are short enough lol. If they are 5’6" now you are going to have monsters on your hands after they go through their stretch. Pretty good rule of thumb is add 30% to your height for the flower stage. Some more, some less. Gonna be around 7+ feet tall.

Hope you have a really tall tent ! Beautiful plants, healthy as a horse.



Thank you!

I have the gorilla with an extension. So I’ve got 8’! All the way to the ceiling! (If I could fit 10’ I would)

I didn’t know about the 30% so thanks for the tip.

Speaking of tips, I’m not sure what to do about the one branch that’s outpacing everyone else. Do you think it’s too late to cut that one back a bit? Or just let it reach for the sky?


Well if you have that kind of height, I would just wait and see how much taller it gets, from your post above you are already into a few days of full flower cycle and probably a little further along because of slowly lowering the light length, let it go and if necessary take a string and pull it over slowly each day if it starts getting too close to the lights. It will make a S curve and the tip will grow back up straight again.

Personally I don’t think chopping tops already in flower is a good idea.



Took your advice and did a bend, almost 90°!

Let’s see what happens when we get home.


Spent some time building a new red light to add some umpf for the flowing times, let’s see how this goes!

Also a close up of a nice start to some buds!


Lots of bending going on to keep these buds away from the light.

I definitely learned my lesson about waiting too long to flow!

Here’s some pistil shots!


How about stepping back and take a picture of the whole flower area. :wink::+1:t3:


I’ll try to tonight. My problem is how high up the canopy is! I think around 6’8" or 7’!

Definitely learned my lesson! Lol


From the side not the top down. Or both.:+1:t3:


How many watts on the red board? And what diodes did you use? Epistar? I don’t have the patience for that anymore.