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New Direct Debit for CBD Shopping Carts Launched Today Tied Into 85% of US Banks, Southeast Asia U.K. and over the coming months, we will be expanding into many more countries

FIRST MERCHANT BANK CARD SERVICES is pleased to announce that is now offers INSTANT DEBIT as an additional payment option besides credit cards.

Instant Debit’s payment solution for CBD shopping carts allows customers to pay you directly and securely with their own bank account. Besides the U.S. Instant Debit is connected to U.K. and Southeast Asia banks.

  • Fast – Funds are usually transferred instantly.
  • IPN – Merchants receive an Instant Payment Notification of a successful transaction.
  • Secure – Payment occurs inside our secure payment portal.
  • Safe – The transaction is processed as a real-time bank transfer to your bank account, virtually eliminating the risk of fraud or chargeback.
  • Easy – Get setup with Instant Debit with one agreement and one integration.

Expand your payment choices to online customers who prefer to pay via their bank account or who don’t have a credit card. Your customers will appreciate the security and ease of the system.

We also connect to foreign banks.


What are the implications for the cannabis business?


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FIRST MERCHANT BANK has decided to offer the INSTANT DEBIT product to the cannabis industry. The implications of this we know are important. The requirements for this payment solution may not be applicable to all cannabis merchants as we roll this out…
To find out more about the requirements which will only apply to Cannabis merchants and not CBD merchants please email us at [email protected]


Please send me more info as I work with a ton of CBD companies looking for this solution.
[email protected]


Thank you for your interest in our financial services. We will respond directly by email.

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At this point we see this payment option as appropriate for online sales across many industries. Cannabis by its nature would not be an online purchase.